Big Dicks Are a Job Requirement at Big D

Once Hunter Marx Sees Adam Thicke's bulge through his jeans, he can't wait to see how thicke Adam REALLY is...

[WATCH: BOOM! Scene Two - Titan Men]

The hats aren't the only things that are hard at Big D Construction...

The muscles are, the sexual appetites are, and the dicks ESPECIALLY are!

In scene one of Titan's new film, Liam Knox got to feel JUST how big Matthew Bosch's big D is...

[WATCH: Boom! Scene One - Titan Men]

And now, Hunter Marx gets to see how thick Adam Thicke's is.

From Titan Men:

At their latest renovation project, Hunter Marx is drawn to foreman Adam Thicke's bulge: "Jesus, does everyone at Big D have a big dick?" Adam smiles, grabbing his groin: "It's a job requirement." Adam whips out his beauty, tugging his foreskin as he shows it off. Hunter feasts on it, nibbling the fleshy hood.

Adam Thicke is THICC everywhere - not just that dick!

Look at that booty too. I know he's a newcummer, and this may be too much to ask, but hopefully he gets fucked one day?

Hunter Marx is thick everywhere too!

Thick muscles, thick hair, thick dick!  

After exchanging pleasantries (exchanging hard stares, let's be real) Hunter's mouth finally got to see how thick Adam really was!

Adam paid him back with some mouth action of his own, though.

After neither one could take it anymore, they finally fucked!

All that exposed wood could only mean one thing - increased risk for splinters. But judging from the looks on both guys faces, maybe they like a little danger.

After they couldn't take anymore, both Adam and Hunter shot thick loads of cum.

Hunter looks quite nice with a nice glaze of cum, doesn't he?

It looks like Big D Construction stays in business not just because of their work, but because of their great customer service! I wonder who will get to feel it next...

What do you think of Adam Thicke's debut? Too thick, Not thick enough, or just the right thickness?

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