Roman Todd Loses A Game Or Truth or Dare, But What He Has To Do Is LAME!

July 12, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

No, Roman Todd doesn't have to fuck a guy. But Billy Santoro DOES make him recall the time he did mess around with a guy...


[WATCH: "Truth Or Dare: Part One" - Icon Male]

And Roman reminisces to the time he and his buddy, beefy Nick Sterling, got carried away... 

And get carried away with some flip-flop fucking they did!

Have you ever been hanging with a group of friends and realize everyone's staring at their phones, like it's 27Teen or something?

Billy Santoro was having a get-together (which i hope to god was the start of a fourgy) and saw all his friends on their phones, so he decides to start a game of truth or dare.

Boring, right?

Well...yeah. Until he gets to Roman Todd, and makes him tell us about the one time he got it on with a dude. And Roman reminisces to the time he got it on with Nick Sterling.

(Sidenote: Does anyone else think that Roman Todd looks like former porn star Jake Austin?)

Maybe recalling porn scenes in a dream-like state is the new "in" thing in porn? Sean Duran just did it.

Instead of showing it in real-time, Men Over 30 had Sean recall how he just fucked his favorite bottom Micah Brandt and what it was like. Which, when you think about it, was much hotter than some boring dialogue.

[WATCH: Fucked Deep - Men Over 30]

You know what will ALWAYS be in? Beefy boys like Nick Sterling.

I know he's been beefy in recent times, but has he always looked this...delicious, and I never noticed? Someone (Nick) bend me over and spank me!

From Icon Male:

While playing a game of truth or dare with his boys, it's Roman Todd's turn to speak some truth. Billy Santoro asks if he's ever been with a man. He backtracks to the time he and Nick Sterling we're watching gay porn for a change. In the middle of watching it, they started to get turned on. Once their cocks got hard they just had to experience a guy-on-guy fuck-fest. 

Looks like both boys love a little oral action...

...And a little rimming action...

And just like Nick fucked Roman, Nick turns over and gets his feel of dick too.

If it's your first time, why not feel everything?

It may have been Nick and Roman's first time with a dude, but it doesn't seem like it'll be their last...


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