See Reality Star Dean Ralph Naked For Self-Examination

July 12, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Oh, ya'll wanted a twist? Well don't fucking look here, because today we're checking out another Ex on the Beach star... NUDE! This must be how straight guys feel when they see that one of the Hadid sisters showed her tits. Like, we've seen it, but why not see it again!

One of the interchangeable hunks to grace Ex on the Beach, Dean Ralph, hops out of his outdoor shower while completely nude to check on a herpes outbreak that made it to his neck. This boy has got muscles in all the right places as well as the cutest little tush perfectly accentuated by his dripping wetness! Of course, this isn't even to mention his hawt tan line. The former fitness model joins Monday's hunk Max Morley and countless other MTV stars who have shown off the goods for the greater good. 


Feeling pretty strong in the gym at the moment @rippedgymbasildon #mindovermatter #summerbody #exonthebeach7

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I'm sure that all of you will be following Ralph's cupped junk back and forth across this GIF waiting for a hint of dick and/or balls, but it looks like, unfortunately, he's a pro at hand underwear. Not his first time doing this!  

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