Falcon Studios' Latest Scene Is Blowjob-Only

July 11, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

In scene three of "Code Of Silence", newcummer Kyle McMillan Gives Sean Zevran a blowjob in the desert

[WATCH: Code Of Silence Episode Three - Falcon Studios]

No fucking, no rimming, no jacking off - just a blowjob. Is this a refreshing change of pace, or boring?

In mainstream gay porn, you typically have two types of content: solo jack off scenes, and sex / action scenes. There are niche sites like Spunkworthy that focus on other stuff like massage, but most porn sites focus on one or both of those - and even then, the major sites like Falcon Studios largely focus on action scenes!

Unless it's something like Military Classified, the blowjob-only scene is oft overlooked. 

In fact, the last blowjob-only scene from a major studio I can remember was ALSO from Falcon Studios, back in 2011.

Jesse Santana blew Tom Wolfe. And I miss both of those guys, honestly.

[WATCH: Member Exclusive: Jesse Santana and Tom Wolfe - Falcon Studios]

The two did eventually fuck, in scene 3 of "Cowboys" at Raging Stallion, but that doesn't negate the fact that this happened. And there may have been many since then, but this scene featured two of the most popular performers at the time (not unlike Sean Zevran).

So that begs the question - is the blowjob-only scene a nice diversion, or is it a waste of two hot men, some nice dicks, and a nice butthole?

From Falcon Studios:

Sean Zevran and Kyle McMillan are on duty at a deserted post in the desert. It's extremely isolated and Sean admits that he brought Kyle out to the middle of nowhere to help him relax. Sean commands Kyle to put down his weapon and open his mouth. Sean is already hard as rock and he slips his big, curved, uncut Marine dick inside his subordinate's warm, wet mouth.

I mean, newcommer Kyle Mcmillan can certainly suck a cock. And sucking Sean Zevran is no easy task.

And besides his beautiful cock, Sean is looking better than ever.

I'm still on the fence about this.

It's like when you go to a restaurant, and you usually have a usual thing you get, and the special is KINDA like your usual, and you leave full and somewhat satisfied, and proud you got something different, but you know you'll go right back to your usual next time.

What do you think of this blowjob-only scene? Hot, or would you rather Sean Zevran and Kyle Mcmillan had sex?


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