Grab Your Moist Towelette, New Hot Cameron Dallas Insta Video

July 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Last time we checked out the most famous nobody in the world, Cameron Dallas, he had his daddy in a headlock with his sexy thighs. While shirtless. And in the pool. Before lighting a cigarette and asking "Why don't we make eye contact anymore?" Omg I'm jk you guys!

This weekend Dallas had a shirtless Insta blitz, where he posted a hot as hell workout video, new ::in the voice of Melania Trump:: MODELING pictures, and some off-brand Baywatch thing with three dirty skanks. Oh, actually I just looked them up and the one to the left of him is his mom Gina, then his sister Sierra with her boyfriend Brent Mallozzi. Still. Skank tanks. 

So, this workout video. Is this an actual clip from a Sean Cody film, or just a Sean Cody audition tape? It's hard to tell! Dallas tells his dripping followers that he wants them to stop finger blasting their holes for just forty-five seconds and to instead do pushups. He grunts his way through his exercise routine before jumping up and screaming like an asshole. A tight, pink little asshole. Note to Michelle Obama: THIS is what makes me Move!



Hiiiiii .P.C. - @justinrcampbell

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I'm finally taller than @brentmallozzi now !!!! had a good time @sierradallas @ginabina77

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