Guy Gets Coke Blown Up His Bare Ass On New Series Snowfall

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And that title is the entire article. K bye. When a homosexual birdie told me this morning that a new scene depicts a guy getting crack cocaine blown up his ass through a straw, I assumed James Franco's newest performance piece was out. So I obviously told him thanks but no thanks. It turns out the bizarre... and bizarrely sexay... scene comes from the new FX series Snowfall, which details events surrounding the birth of the crack epidemic in 1983's Los Angeles. Crack? CRACK? They are trolling us hardcore.

The straw-receiving asshole belongs to Eric Mitro, and **SPOILERS** it turns out that the 80's equivalent of Franzia butt chugging isn't good for the body. He overdoses. But you'll be the one overdosing on sexiness after checking out all that Mitro has to offer under his clothes!



A quick scroll through Eric Mitro's Instagram will tell you that he is a piecey mcpiece with a hot, hairy bod and ever-present facial hair. While I'm bummed that Mitro's character is one of the first of many sure-to-be casualties on the drug drama, I'm glad that he left us via death by asshole drug intake. The most glamorous way to go in the 80's! Check out the full scene below, and head to the gallery for more nude peeks, as well as some of Mitro's sexiest Instagram moments. 

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