When The Wives Are Away, Jaxton Wheeler and Roman Todd Will Play!

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Brothers-In-Law Roman Todd And Jaxton Wheeler finally get to live out their desires on a bro trip at Icon Male


[WATCH: When The Wives Are Away - Icon Male]

What do their desires include? Sucking each other's cocks and fucking until they both cum

This gives new meaning to the term "bro trip".

And sometimes you need to give new meaning to life: letting your desires go, and finally saying "fuck it" and getting it on with a dude.

Jordan Levine needed to get his out, fucking every guy in his path before the world ended...

[WATCH: "Last Day On Earth: Part Two" - Men.com / Str8 To Gay]

...and now Jaxton Wheeler and Roman Todd get to finally do the same while their wives are away.

And honestly, their wives are probably both away doing the same thing, but that's a series for a different blog, so...

From Icon Male:

Brothers-in-law Roman Todd and Jaxton Wheeler sneak away from their wives for a couple days. They finally can get exactly what they've been craving, which is to get their hands all over each other! Once the wives are away the boys can play. There's no time to waste they get straight to fucking each other like crazy.

Need we forget what Jaxton Wheeler looks like:

With or without a dick in his mouth, he still looks yummy.

Roman Todd, though not as beefy as Jaxton, has an amazing body too - it's no wonder they've had the hots for each other.

Also, while Roman has a beautiful face, look at the head of his cock: talk about a mushroom head! 

They DO say two heads are better than one - I suppose that goes double when they're both nice.

 After Jaxton got a feel of a nice cock in his OWN mouth, he throat-fucked his brother-in-law...

...And after a nice tongue bath, Jaxton dick-fucked his brother-in-law.

These guys got in on until their wives came home (luckily not before, like Cliff Jensen and Alex Gray)...

[WATCH: Mine Now, Sister - Str8 To Gay]

...and until they both came, but you'll have to check out the video for that...

Have you ever got down and dirty on a bro trip? What about with your brother-in-law?



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