Johnny V Gives Gabriel Alanzo The Long Arm Of The Law

July 5, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

After his friend Tom Faulk ditches him, Gabriel Alanzo is left to fend for himself against the advances of neighborhood cop Johnny Law

[WATCH: "MXXX: The Hardest Ride, Episode Three" - Don't Mess With Johnny Law - Naked Sword Originals]

Will Gabriel's ass and mouth be enough to get him off the hook?

Johnny V? More like Johnny Law...

The Action in "MXXX: The Hardest Ride" is getting too hot to handle! That Texas sun, bbq, competition and testosterone have gotten all the boy's juices flowing. So much so, that they're even doing stupid things in front of cops!

But that's okay - instead of taking him to jail or shooting him, as SOME cops are wont to do these days, Johnny shows Gabriel the right type of police brutality.

From Naked Sword:

Tom Faulk and Gabriel Alanzo cut through the Texas mini-mart parking lot and see their parole officer, Johnny V, enjoying a cup of coffee.

Wise guy Tom zooms by and knocks the coffee cup out of the officer’s hand – and its on! “Mr. Johnny” jumps in his generic government issued car and starts chasing the boys on their bikes.

Tom ditches him but Johnny’s on Gabriel’s ass – literally. Gabriel tries to ditch him on private property but his bike stalls, giving Johnny enough time to jump out of the car and knock him off his bike. Officer Johnny strong-arms Gabriel on the hood of his car then drag him behind a shed where he teaches him a lesson – a lesson on eating ass and sucking cock.

Gabriel DOES have a nice ass...

Johnny has a nice eye - he could spot an ass like that from a mile away, even in full motocross gear.

But little did we all know - Johnny V has had that ass before!

Yes - Johnny V has fucked Gabriel Alanzo before, on his own website, American Muscle Hunks. And Johnny V doesn't top often (at least not on camera). So you know when HE endorses a bottom, that bottom's ass has to be golden.

[WATCH: Johnny V and Gabriel Alanzo - American Muscle Hunks]

Gabriel must have a nice cock too, considering the way Johnny gobbled it up.

He's even got a nice hole too - right before they got to the action, Johnny got Gabriel's hole slobbery wet, just like we saw at American Muscle Hunks.

Then Johnny bent Gabriel over and gave him an(other) nice hard fucking...

...right before shooting a nice, thick load all over his face.

Hope that motocross uniform is super absorbent...

With all this action, I wonder how the MXXX series will end. You know those boys in Texas get a little weird...especially down in Austin.

Have you ever gotten out of a ticket by giving up your ass, just like Gabriel did?


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