Brody Jenner Is Hung In New Series 'Tales'

June 30, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


The Jenners have become known for their progressive stance on racial politics (my black friends here in Chicago never leave home without a cold Pepsi to safely mitigate police run-ins. Thanks for the hot tip, Kendall!) So it makes perfect sense that Brody is lending his acting chops to a controversial new B.E.T. series, Tales!

Irv Gotti's show pairs famous hip-hop records with thought-provoking visuals. The inaugural episode titled "Fuck tha Police": 

...reimagines the N.W.A song in a world where white people are the minority and Black people hold the power, and ends on a shocking image of Brody Jenner.

Shockingly sexy? A shirtless Jenner doesn't let the fact that he's being hung detract from his sex appeal, and we can clearly see his tight bod, thick head of surprisingly coiffed hair, sexy beard, and possible bulge. 

The lynching scene is understandably being construed as controversial, but it's like, do you bother to call out a dancing Elmo on a street corner waving around a two for one mattress sale sign as conspicuous? Or like, IDK. It's too late in the week to decide if that makes any sense. Just because Sasha Velour says she's interesting and controversial doesn't mean she's not a contrived clown in a Where The Wild Things Are crown. There, that's better. 

The hung Jenner comes a day after Kendall and Kylie Jenner's touching tribute to B.I.G. and 2 Pac in the form of $125 t-shirts featuring superimposed images of the influential rappers and the two social media celebrities. Hopefully the Jenners' will continue to contribute to black culture for years to come.

And hopefully Brody will strip down more often! Check out the clip below, and head to the gallery to see more pics of Bro-dy. 


Images via Instagram, Mr. Man

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