Tom Daley's Poolside Selfie Has Got Us All A Little Wet

Olympic diver Tom Daley used a smartphone while jumping off a diving board to take what is believed to be the world’s first ever selfie during a reverse ‘gainer’ dive.

Daley teamed up with HTC for the stunt and used the new HTC U11's "squeeze to selfie" function to take the shot. "I love taking a selfie, so when the challenge arose to try and take one, and capture myself mid dive, I obviously jumped at the chance," said Tom.

The crew got some sexy shots of Tom in his speedo while prepping for the dive, too.

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"The HTC U11’s amazing ‘squeeze to selfie’ function made this possible, and might even be a world first!? It took a few attempts to perfect my dive, but after a few belly flops I got there," said Tom.

Check out HTC's promo featuring Tom's dive:

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