Jonah Hill Got Super Fit And Internet Is Actually Losing It

June 19, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


More like, The Wolf Of From The Window To The Wallstreet! RITE ladies? Jonah Hill isn't fucking around with his summer beach bod, as evident in new pics that show the 21 Jump Street star with his guns out and proud in a blue tank top! Reactions across the Internet are understandably positive, with general consensus being that people would indeed like to climb this hill. Others are mentioning that he has sad eyes, but I feel like those baby blues are more... come hither.

Hand to God, when I first saw these pictures I thought people were making a big deal about John Krasinski for some reason. I was like, did he finally fuck Steve Carell? Because that would be hot. Fans are also throwing out comparisons to Patrick Dempsy and Bradley Cooper, but whatever your Jonah fantasy is, his tank-clad bod should help you cope with the Monday blues.

The thirty-three-year-old is known for the dramatic ups and downs in his weight, but this is definitely the overall healthiest that Jonah has appeared. And by healthiest, I think I mean hottest. By which I mean most fuckable. Congrats to Jonah for finding what works for him and putting us all to damn shame this summer! Check out some of the reactions on Twitter below and let us know if you, like the famed whale, would swallow Jonah. 








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