Tattooed Muscle Hottie Sean Duran Reunites With One of His Favorite Bottoms at Men Over 30

June 19, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

One of Sean Duran's Favorite Bottoms? None Other Than Micah Brandt 


[WATCH: Fucked Deep - Men Over 30]

Instead of the two acting the scene out, Men Over 30 lets Sean Duran recount the scene right after they fucked, and give us some juicy details

Like how he ate Micah's muscle ass, AND let him sit on his fave before they fucked. It's a good thing he's strong, else he may not have been able to withstand that much muscle ass on his face.

It's been a few years, but both Micah Brandt and Sean Duran have changed a lot - both guys have packed on a ton of muscle and their sex appeal has shot through the roof. So it's no wonder that they wanted to meet again, and when they did, that it would be EXPLOSIVE.

From Men Over 30:

Sean Duran sits with us revealing intimate details about the scene he just finished with Micah. Sean hasn't seen Micah in a few years and was really excited to finally meet up with him again and able to have some amazing fucking. He talks about the hot passionate fucking throughout the scene revealing details you wouldn't hear otherwise. Sean's sexy voice is peppered throughout the scene with the intimate details about positions and how great it was eating that beautiful ass of Micah's.

After they start out with some kissing, they move on to some cocksucking and ass-licking.

Though each boy has gotten more muscular, their cocks were already huge - no need for those to get any bigger!

And once the two are good and ready, Sean fucks Micah in his lair...

...which I guess, is a shed? And I guess it's a blow-up mattress with a dirty blanket on top?

Can Men Over 30 get some better sets? Somewhere between the sterile sex on boxes from Raging Stallion / Hot House / Falcon, and between this and that dirty closet they keep using?

Either way, watching a hot top fuck his favorite (hot) bottom is a thing of beauty.

Who is your favorite bottom? Who is your favorite top?


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