Marty McKenna Whips It Out In MTV UK's 'Ex On The Beach' Trailer

The only thing I love more than hot foreign guys on TV is hot foreign guys on TV with their dicks out. UK hottie Marty McKenna didn't disappoint in this season of Ex on the Beach's trailer

Marty returns to the show for season 7, which airs June 20. He's been on once before, but he promises we'll get a lot more out of him this time around.

“Last time on Ex On The Beach, I didn’t live up to my full potential because I was fucking ill,” he says.

“But this time, I’m gonna get in that villa, and blast the arse off as many birds as I can. Unless I fall in love. But saying that, I’d probably still end up cheating on her.”

He's classy-douche, 'cause that's a thing. 

Marty and the other sexy dudes on the show are giving us mad bromance vibes, for sure! Maybe he'll run out of chicks and have no choice but to switch teams. Here's hoping! 

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