The New Matt Bomer Trans Role People Are Pissed Over

June 14, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


The cis Matt Bomer plays a trans woman in the new trailer for indie movie Anything. Bad move if you've read anything on the internet in the past couple of years not posted on a neo-Nazi forum. Or Donald Trump's Twitter. This first peak at Anything shows Bomer sashaying into the Zodiac killer's room looking like a Dress Barnyard sow in heat. Anything promises to be "a story about the infinite possibility of love," so who knows what happens in this scene.

Coming up with trans women who have played trans roles leaves me with Laverne Cox on Orange Is The New Black and Kris Jenner on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The scarcity means that a shift in Hollywood's casting mentality is likely a ways away. Nick Adams of GLAAD said in 2016 that Bomer's casting in Anything is:

Yet another painful reminder that, in the eyes of so many people, transgender women are really just men. That message is toxic and dangerous.

I'm still kind of shocked by the number of straight men cast in gay roles. When they throw on a cute lisp it kind of makes my soul implode, and when they play it super straight I worry that gay boys eyeing that sparkly top at Forever 21 are going to feel shamed into becoming Marlboro Men. So, I can only imagine what it's like to be trans and not see yourself represented in trans roles, which are already few and far between. I will, of course, see Anything once I can fish it out of a DVD bin at CVS - if it even makes it there - because of this magical dialog:

Matt Bomer:

Oh, the deep south.

John Carrol Lynch:

About as deep as you can get, I guess.

Matt Bomer:

Good, 'cause I like things deep.

Yeah you do, you dirty bitch. Are you upset with this casting choice, or do you think the media gets miffed by Anything? OR, are you just picturing what Matt Bomer's tuck looks like from behind? Spillz!  


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