Hugh Hunter Fucks His Nephew Kory Houston

June 12, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

After Kory Houston and Hugh Hunter suffer from breakups, they console each other with wine.

[WATCH: "Revenge Is Sweet" - Icon Male]

Next thing you know, they're licking whipped cream off each other's bodies at Icon Male!

It's just like the saying goes - the nephew and uncle that play together stay together (that may have been lightly embellished).

But hey - Kory Houston and Hugh Hunter just broke up with their boyfriends, and neither one is taking it well. But as the saying ACTUALLY goes, the best way to get over someone is to get UNDER someone else!

Hugh and Kory definitely got under each other - after getting wine drunk and sugar wasted. If you're gonna fuck your family member, you MAY AS WELL be wasted for it.


After being ditched by unfaithful lovers, Kory Huston and Hugh Hunter find comfort in each other. They begin joking around with whip cream which leads to them licking it off each other's bodies! Before they know it, they're all over each other sucking cocks and fucking hardcore on the couch! Misery loves company but revenge is so much sweeter!

Revenge is sweet, but Kory Houston struggling to take uncle Hugh's cock is the sweetest of all.

The second sweetest of all is watching Hugh Hunter pay his nephew back with some mouth action!

No struggles here.

Then both boys get over their exes with some sweet love-making.

Kory opens his legs for uncle, and Hugh keeps his balance by holding on to Kory's cock.

Would you ever fuck your uncle? HAVE you ever fucked your uncle?



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