Chace Crawford Finally Goes Nude

June 1, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


My dream of being tag teamed to within an inch of my life by lookalikes Ian Somerhalder circa Rules of Attraction and Chace Crawford circa Gossip Girl seems like it's kinda starting to congeal now that we know Crawford has FINALLY gone nude on screen, for the Hulu original series Casual. First nudity, then tag teaming with Ian Somerhalder. I'll shoot him some DMs.

As you probably don't need to be told, Crawford basically invented eyefuckingbrows, as his caterpillars actually manage to double as temple cozies. He's also just an all around creamboat and a half, and the boy gives great beard always. The dramedy Casual has already had its fair share of sexy nude men, with one of my personal faves, Tommy Dewey, getting me gooey with multiple ass out scenes in the first two seasons. Crawford joined in as a series regular for the current third season and has already gotten all up in the main character Val. Here's the jizz-st from Fansided:

The quest continues as Valerie takes her first screenwriting course at the UCLA Extension, and that storyline introduces two great actors as her classmates: Austin Basis (Beauty and the Beast) and Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl).

It’s no real surprise that Val is nudged into a few drinks, and that after those few drinks, she ends up adding Crawford’s character to her growing list of random flings. Hopefully that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him or of Basis, whose comedic sensibilities already fit right into the world of Casual.

Crawford has been jumping around from project to project since Gossip Girl wrapped up in 2012. While his role as Billy LeFever (I'm taking this as my porn star name) on Blood & Oil (and this as the title of my porn) isn't going to make it into the history books, this new turn in Casual could get him into the jizztory books. Check out the full nude scene from Chace Crawford in Casual below, as well as some desktop background options in the gallery. 



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