We Have Michael Fassbender Kissing Himself In Alien Covenant

May 22, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


I'm keeping this as plot-free as possible, but be warned, could contain **SPOILERS**

If you saw Alien: Covenant this weekend, you might have left a blot on the theater seat after THAT scene in which persnickety and flaming robot David (Michael Fassbender) sensually leans in to kiss butch but willing robot Walter (also Michael Fassbender)! That's right, we do indeed see Michael Fassbender kiss himself in Alien: Covenant, and it's the surprise that your dick didn't know it needed. I have been scouring the Internet looking for a damn clip, and I'm so glad I finally found this one. The mouth peck is insanely brief, so you kind of have to enjoy their longing gazes and just get into it.


If you were watching Alien: Covenant for something a little less subtle, you might have enjoyed the scene in which Walter teaches David to play the flute, which includes the sure-to-be-infamous line "I'll do the fingering." One time at band camp I pictured Michael Fassbender finger blasting himself. Via HR

David teaches Walter the flute, declaring "you have symphonies in you, brother!" Later, the pair share a kiss, with David telling Walter no one will ever love like he does — before attempting to kill him.

Typical date with a bottom. Walter is basically a predatory Niles Crane while David is a good 'ol boy who doesn't care about all that sissy stuff, like David's poetry and genetic experimentation. 

But experimentation is what he got. Check out the gay kiss in Alien: Covenant with Michael Fassbender and Michael Fassbender below! 

Alien: Covenant clip via Tumblr

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