Seth Knight Is Transforming From Cute Twink To Muscle Hunk Right Before Our Eyes

May 19, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Since he's put on so much muscle, Joey and Johnny At American Muscle Hunks Brink Seth Knight Back so he can show it off


[WATCH: Seth Knight - American Muscle Hunks]

Watching him work his muscles (and that muscle, and THAT muscle) may make you go crazy

Remember Seth Knight? Adorable, cute, pre-pubescent in a way that would make you uncomfortable if you looked at him too long, penis as big as he is, Seth Knight?

[Seth Knight at]

Well remember that Seth Knight for as long as you can. That Seth is gone. This is the Seth we have now.

He has facial hair. He has more tattoos. He has muscle. He's a bad boy. He STILL makes you uncomfortable when you look at him, but now it's because he may beat you up, not because he looks pre-pubescent.

From American Muscle Hunks:

Seth Knight is rejoining us this week and wanted to show off his hard work in the gym. His body has grown and, with that, his beautiful muscle ass is larger than ever. After flexing and showing off, Seth gladly throws his ass at us and lets us get a great look at the beautiful hole. Finally, he lies back and strokes a huge load out that covers his ripped abs and thighs.

The BEST part about Seth's newfound muscle is this newfound muscle ass.

He's not a bottom (only in porn, or so he claims on twitter) but he'll make you want to fuck him...

He'll also finger and play with his hole for you.

And trust me - it's one of the hottest fingering scenes you've seen in a while.

I'm still not even convinced, aside from the tattoos, that this is even Seth - what an amazing transformation. This isn't the Seth Knight we asked for, but it is the one we deserve. Praise miss Jesus.

Which Seth Knight do you prefer? Adorable twink, or muscle bad boy?


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