This Celebrity Just Proved Man Rompers Can Induce Wetness

May 19, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

I rocked the romper in 2015 and I'll keep doing it!

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Our resident daddy addy addy Andy Cohen can indeed envelop my fingers any time he wants, even when wearing one of those damn man rompers, or romp-hims, that Buzzfeed can't stop making lists about. Atop my list of 21 Celebrities You Wouldn't Believe I would Get An STD For sits Mr. Andy Cohen, who at 48-years-old probably hasn't even hit his sexual peak. This man is a fine ass wine, and in his latest Instagram post, he reminds us that he's been a romper pioneer since 2015!

In the snap, the openly gay Bravo puppeteer proudly sports a navy zip-up romper that shows off his insane thighs, sexy hairy chest, and, do we detect the beginnings of a bulge? For some reason, guys who look like Andy, 5' 9" stature and all, just plain have big dicks, which only makes this pic sexier. 

Now, if I could just pretend Cohen is my slutty little Charlie's Angel and slowly slip this bodysuit off of him until his big cock flops out, glistening with anticipatory salty precum, that would be just swell. Or something less specific. Do you want to give Andy a handy? Do you want to be blowin' Cohen? Let us know!


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