We Need To Talk About Asher Devin's Dick.

May 18, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Asher Devin is definitely a grower, and his cock is one of the nicest growers you've seen in a while.

[WATCH: Asher Devin - Badpuppy]

Watch this grower show off his grower as he jerks off at Badpuppy

Have you ever noticed that the skinniest boys always seem to have the biggest dicks? There are obviously bigger dudes with bigger dicks (Rocco Steele is, by no stretch of the imagination, a small dude), but because of their smaller frames, if a twinkish boy has an above-average dick, it's more noticeable.

Case in point: Asher Devin.

The boy is cute as heck, if not indistinguishable. Nice blue eyes, fit, but not muscular. Wouldn't kick him out of bed, and that's about it.

But then he pulls his undies down, and we get to see his beautiful wang.

Yes, wang. It's even impressive soft - there are tons of guys in the world that would kill to be that size hard (bless them), and he's that size soft.

And then, he gets it fully hard.

Y'all, what happened? That thing doubled in size. He's the definition of hung, and I'm slightly uncomfortable. We won't even talk about the fact that it points down. That's too much to handle.

From Badpuppy:

As he pulls off his underwear Asher Devin's monster comes to life; springing straight to attention. Asher grabs his thick cock, sits down on the chair and starts working it with both hands. Over and over Asher double-fists his cock...

And sometimes while he's playing with his cock, he plays with his ass too!

It's a cute butt, and the way he points it out like that may even suggest that he knows how to throw it back on a dick, maybe even as big as his own!

The whole time he's jacking off, Asher Devin is looking at something out the window, and I guess it's turning him on. But we never get to know what it is - you'll have to watch the video for that. Luckily, his distraction won't distract you from his humongodick, thank goodness.

Are you a grower, or a show-er? And what do you think of Asher Devin's grower?


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