Luke Hudson and Jockpussy Do a "The Office" Parody

May 16, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

But is it really a parody, as much as Luke Hudson, Jack Archer, and Zacy Grayson fucking in an office in Scranton, PA?

[WATCH: "The Office - A XXX JockPussy Parody" - JockPussy]

And is it really just the Jockpussy team fucking in an office as much as an all-suite hotel with a desk in Scranton, PA? You decide.

I suppose calling it "The office-like setting" wasn't as sexy, or maybe it was taken, seeing as this is porn. And like that'll keep you from watching it!

And it wouldn't be complete (or their parody wouldn't ring true) without a picture in front of the Scranton, PA sign, now would it?

From Jockpussy:

Working in an office in Scranton PA is all kinds of boring. Zack Grayson and Jake Archer spend their time checking out guys online but Luke Hudson is an action man and taunts the pair to get their dicks out of their pants...Looks like Luke got the company bonus this quarter!

Now to the fucking - Zack and Jack pretend to do some paperwork, (while on Grindr) whilst Luke checks them out from behind, plotting his next move.

Nothing says "being hard at work" like looking at unsolicited dick pics on Grindr to get you hard at work!

After Luke taunts Zack and Jack to get their cocks out of their pants, no holds are barred.

Soon, cocks and tongues are everywhere!

Soon the tables are turned, and it's Luke who is in both of the guys' mouths.

Then Luke gets what he wanted, as both guys take turns fucking his JockPussy.

I'll see myself out for that pun.

What do you think of Jockpussy's "The Office" parody?


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