Gallery: High School Sweethearts with Alexander Greene and Logan Vaughn (Circle Jerk Boys)

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Logan is on his way to his High School sweetheart's house who he hasn't seen in some time. He takes a nice stroll throughout the neighborhood and comes to Alexander's house and he sits back and recalls the good times he had. Alexander sees Logan outside and he comes out to greet him but Logan who is under the impression that Alexander has come out of the closet is pushed back when he tries to give him a hug. He still hasn't told his parents about Logan and they only have one hour to spend some quality time together. They rush up stairs and begin to passionately make out ripping their clothes off. Logan has missed that long thick veiny cock in his mouth and ass but today he gets to experience that lovely piece of meat once again. They both are so eager to fuck and suck but they build up the passion with some sexy 69 and Alexander lubes up Logan's ass with his tongue before he slides his thick cock deep inside. The fucking is hard and slow but very intimate with loads of cum to top it all off.

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