Jaxton Wheeler Fucks A Tower Of Boys at Bromo.com

May 15, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Yes - a TOWER of Boys. Pierce Hartman, Max Wilde, and Cody Smith all stack on top of each other and line up (vertically) to receive Jaxton Wheeler's dick


[WATCH: Abandoned: Part Four - Bromo]

Jaxton Wheeler finally has all the boys (and admit it - you, too) dickmatized

But Jaxton doesn't even need to work that hard to get everyone dickmatized - he can just breathe, and boys will be lined up around the corner. And that's what's been happening. He loves calling the shots, and first Cody Smith, then Pierce Hartman, and then Max Wilde all lined up to let Jaxton have his way with them. And now they're all in the same room - lining up again. Except this time: Vertically:

From Bromo:

Jaxton Wheeler's sexual appetite reaches a fever pitch. With all his boys gathered in one place, these dickmatized hotties create a tower of ass for his pure pleasure, causing Jaxton to unleash his power like you've never seen before. 

I know you don't *NEED* a reminder of how gorgeous Jaxton Wheeler is, but I KNOW you can never get enough of him.

Or those eyes. Or those dark features. Or those LEGS. Or that beefy body. Or that cock. You'd jump right on that tower and wait your turn for him.

But before the action starts, the boys line up horizontally.

That way Jaxton can compare their asses to each other to see how he wants to start his bidding.


Then he assembles the boys the way he wants to, so each one can get some raw dick.

 After everyone gets their turn, and they all line up vertically, Everyone cums on Pierce Hartman.

Or...fake cums...but who knows at this point.

Which boy does Jaxton choose to fuck first?

Well, I guess you'll have to watch the video to see that...

It's so good seeing Jaxton actively working in porn again. I know all porn stars retire, but I hope he never leaves us again.

Jaxton Wheeler has the boys all dickmatized - does he have YOU dickmatized?


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