Gabe Steele Is A Real-Life Craigslist Ad At Hot House Studios

Gabe Steele leaves the door slightly unlocked, and wears a blindfold the whole time he and Jacob Taylor play!

[WATCH: "Blindfolded: Scene Two" - Hot House Studios]

Watch this muscle pup get his senses heightened by a hunky slap of uncut muscle at Hot House

Remember before the days of Grindr, when we all used to cruise for dick on Craigslist? (Yes it still happens, but those people are probably the ones who still make actual phone calls.) 

And we've all seen the one ad that seems to be in every city:

I'll be blindfolded, face down ass up, with the lights off, and the door slightly open. You come in, drop your pants, fuck me, leave your load in my ass, and leave."

While some of us prefer our sex a little less...risky, and while those ads may or may not be real, Gabe Steele was up for some anon action, and found it in suitor Jacob Taylor!


From Hot House:

Gabe Steele is on his hands and knees with his back arched when Jacob Taylor finds him blindfolded on the bed. After massaging and teasing Gabe's body, Jacob tears a massive hole in the ass of Gabe's briefs. As soon as Jacob see's Gabe's awaiting hole, he dives in tongue first. 

After Jacob ripped Gabe's briefs off (poor briefs) ate that ass out, he made Gabe give his uncut cock a good slobbering.

Then Jacob pounded away at Gabe's hole until they both came BUCKETS.

But not before spitting on his dick as they fucked - guess Gabe didn't get it slobbery enough, but more lube is always a great idea!

Gabe is so lucky that he found a suitor as hot as Jacob, and that the sex was hot. We all wish we were Gabe.

Have you ever had blindfolded sex?

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