Jai Courtney, AKA That Guy Who's In Everything, Shows Penis

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Jai Courtney is a smoking hot Aussie who has appeared in a surprising number of movie and television franchises. His roles in fare such as Divergent, A Good Day to Die Hard, Terminator Genisys, Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later, and Suicide Squad (as Captain Boomerang) have helped Courtney amass some fans, but his insane full-frontal scene in The Exception is bound to make him an A-lister. Just... look at the damn man! The Exception debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in 2016 but is just now hitting VOD. Which officially stands for View Of Dick. 



Got pretty damn filthy on this one.. Thanks @matthewbrookesphoto & @gqaustralia Mum, it comes out March 13

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The Exception
is a World War II drama in which super sexy Nazi Stefan Brandt (Courtney) falls in love with Jewish spy Mieke de Jong (Lily James). Once he finds out her true identity, Brandt must decide where his loyalties lie. Obviously, Courtney is not Jewish, because boy is sporting an uncut cock that pairs perfectly with his very cut body! He delivers his first full-frontal scene to date (Jai previously went ass out in Terminator Genisys) when he strips down nude in front of a thirsty ass Lily James. Oh Cinderella, it looks like this will fit just fine! 

Take in Courtney's hot penis and balls in this nude The Exception clip below, and head to the gallery for some desktop background options.

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