Ewan McGregor Nude In New Fargo, Totally Unrecognizable!

April 20, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Someone sent me this clip this morning claiming that it features Ewan McGregor's infamous ass as he gets out of the tub. I was like, grl, 4/20 doesn't give you an excuse to smoke crack. As it turns out, this ass DOES indeed belong to the one and only Ewan McGregor, who just happened to go through a drastic physical transformation to play Ray Stussy on the FX series, Fargo. He can't even win an Oscar for it!

In fact, McGregor revealed during an interview with Vanity Fair that he gained the weight specifically for the bath scene in the season three premiere episode:

It wouldn’t make sense for me to wear padding and not be fat when I got out of the bath, so when I got out of the bath, I was properly overweight for me.

He also plays Ray's brother Emmit, and for those scenes he dons Spanx. Basically, it was really fucking important for Ewan that he film this tub scene, and for that, I am grateful! We've seen McGregor's ass too many times to count, but is it wrong that I'm digging it more now that it's legit squeezable? And is this dad bod like, right? I'm not high ya'll, just feeling some feelings about Ewan's new look.  

Regarding how he got the bod of a dad who would wear the T-shirt "I've got a six pack... in the fridge," Ewan states:

I ordered a massive dessert and started putting on weight from that second onward. It’s quite nice when you’re ordering — you can order whatever you like. But the truth is I would go to bed every night not feeling very great. I’m a small guy. I’m not really used to carrying weight. It doesn’t make you feel great. I like to feel fit and healthy. But it was effective. It worked.

Well, ya know, the only dessert I see is that ass. Sorry not sorry. Check out Ewan McGregor's full nude clip from Fargo below!

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