Hairy Thick-Muscled Jaxton Wheeler Jacks Off At Badpuppy

April 20, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

The statuesque stud shows off his hairy body and then wanks his thick cock until he cums

[WATCH: Jaxton Wheeler - Badpuppy]

Maybe Jaxton Wheeler's stint at Badpuppy marks a sign of things to come from the studio?

Is Badpuppy becoming a thing again?

What's going on there? Have they hired a new manager of some sort?

The studio was once a powerhouse in gay porn, akin to the likes of Falcon Studios (and most of their brand recognition lies in their legacy). But their content went into a state of decline (those eastern European boys no one has ever heard of), and they fell off most gay porn enthusiasts' radar for a while.

But in recent months, it seems as if they're trying to reverse that fate - they've been working with some great newcomers to gay porn like Brent Taylor, they brought back European porn god Kayden Gray for some action scenes, and have landed other great names like Dominic Pacifico last week.

[WATCH: Dominic Pacifico - Badpuppy]

This week is no different - one of the best bodies in gay porn, Jaxton Wheeler, makes his debut at Badpuppy.

From Badpuppy:

Jaxton finishes a little interview for us before standing and posing his ripped physique. As he turns Jaxton rubs his cock thru his underwear; the thickness and length clearly visible thru the shorts. Pulling down his shorts his cock pops straight up and he grabs it with on hand and grabs the bottle of lube, squirting some into his hand before rubbing it into his dick.

Jaxton Wheeler has always been an under-the-radar porn star, which is a real shame: Since his debut at Chaos Men, his chiseled features and familiar, yet unique looks along with his THICK muscles and cock, have always set him apart in a way his counterparts' features haven't. 

Now, we get to enjoy Jaxton being really into himself as he shows off his body and cock on the couch.

Jaxton's porn career has ebbed and flowed (as most are wont to do) but hopefully this scene means we'll see more of him in the future.

Hell. At this rate, maybe we'll see Jason Vario on the site. And though Jaxton Wheeler is great, at that point, we'll know they've arrived.

What do you think about Badpuppy? Are they becoming a thing again, were they always a thing, or do you prefer other porn companies?


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