Dylan Sprouse Gives 'Boy Next Door' Vibes in Latest Photo Shoot

Dylan Sprouse, who is arguably the better-looking half of the Brothers Sprouse, has reminded us of just how fucking cute he is with his newest round of pics taken by Nuru Kimondo. He's grown out his hair to retain his boyish charm, and he gives us several versions of the same stern face to show off all of his good angles - which happen to literally be all of them.

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I assume this series of serious photographs was a shot at proving he's all grown up, but I don't forget things very easily. The recent addition to his portfolio isn't near as revealing as his personal work. I wonder how much those Calvins would go for on eBay. Does he still have them? Perhaps he should do a tribute shoot in remembrance of the highlight of his adult career.


As we all know, there's only one thing better than a sexy, tight Sprouse boy... and that's TWO sexy, tight Sprouse boys. Statistically, there's a 50/50 shot either one of them could end up gay, or at least "experimenting." I'll take those odds. In fact, I'm dreaming of those odds right now.

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