And The Hottest Celebrity At Coachella Award Goes To...

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day 2 ... thank you @thepangeaman

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Charlie Carver
! Yesterday we checked out our favorite little twinkle toes Nolan Gould at Coachella, but even his sexy ass can't compete with a shirtless Charlie Carver offering up his butthole for his onlookers. Like, yes, I accept. Are we like, dating now Charlie? This year too many male celebrities made the mistake of keeping their clothes on at an event specifically created to shamelessly strut around a field for three days! Dumb bitches. 

While Gould gets a passing grade because he looks so fucking adorbs in his little getups, Carver gets an A+ for showing off his sexy toned bod like a Coachella pro. The billions of Instagram models who went for a similar look are too - IDK, like cut, shiny, and douchy - for me to get it up. Charlie looks justtttt right and I'd pretty much do anything to get into those stupid shorts.



As you probably know by now, Charlie Carver is the dude hole-loving Carver twin, and just recently starred in I Am Michael, where he had a threeway with Zachary Quinto and an aging gay-baiter losing his luster day by day. If you have a hotter Coachella celebrity, let us know below, and if not, all hail Charlie, the king of Coachella!

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