Michael Roman Gets Laid On His Layover In Vegas

April 19, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Once Michael Roman spots Jason Vario, neither one can resist each other, and they rush to fuck

[WATCH: "The Layover Episode Two: Jackpot In Vegas" - Naked Sword Originals

Fap to these two in Episode Two of Naked Sword Originals' Newest Film "The Layover"

What do you do on layovers when traveling? Have a beer? Try to sleep? Find some other way to waste time?

Michael Roman is a flight attendant, so he's always in the air, and is always on layovers. His favorite pastime while traveling? Getting fucked by the hottest local he can find.

When you look like Michael Roman though, it isn't tough to find someone!

I'm certain he's a newcummer, as I haven't seen much else about him. But even then, he performs much better than Dick Cheyne and Brick Norwood did in Bromo's latest scene. He's also got a great body, beautiful hairy chest, and nice cock!

He's so hot that I won't even make a remark about that harness tattoo!

And when he saw Jason Vario, well...

I mean, look at Jason Vario.

Not much else needs to be said. He mainly uses that dick, but his ass is great too - maybe we'll see him bottom one day? *pulls out the bottom countdown clock, sets it for 3 months*


Something about a layover in Vegas always makes flight attendant Michael Roman horny. As luck would have it he spots muscular hunk Jason Vario in the parking lot and the sexual tension is hotter than the 90 degree heat. They race back to the hotel where the clothes come off...

The clothes come off, and Jason Vario's humongous cock slips into Michael Roman's mouth.

And before Jason slips his cock into Michael's ass, he slips that tongue into Michael's hole first.

And then they had the most beautiful sex, and fucked in the most aesthetic positions, like froggy style!

After they couldn't take any more pounding, Jason shot a load into Michael's mouth.

Talk about a jackpot. What happens in Vegas certainly stays in Vegas. They say Vegas wasn't based on Winners, but Michael proved them all wrong today. Way to go.

Have you ever had sex on a layover like Michael Roman and Jason Vario?


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