This Snapchat Will Definitely Get You Through Hump Day

April 19, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by trey-paul

You may have made it halfway through your workweek, but today is my first day at Fleshbot and I'm just getting started. 

Hello! I want to kick off my time here by recommending one of my favorite Snapchat users. Check out George Ritz, also known as gritz45.

As a self-proclaimed expert in uncut cocks, I know a good dick when I see one. George has the perfect amount of hair in all the right places, too. You rarely see his face, but his lips are enough to make the Mojave Desert wet for days. 

He posts so many naked pics on Snapchat that you might start to wonder if he ever puts clothes on at all. When you check him out, be sure to thank him for his... philanthropy. 

Happy Wednesday. They don't call it 'Hump Day' for nothin', right? Do you have any favorite Snapchat boys that you'd like to share with rest of us? 

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