Top Ten Sexiest Drag Race Stars Out Of Drag

Category is... Fuckable Drag Queens! Any fan of RuPaul's Drag Race knows that some of the contestants are hella hot out of drag, and we've got the Top Ten right here. Obviously, everyone and their moms have strong opinions regarding every aspect of Drag Race, to the point where I can't even fucking compliment my grl Violet Chachki without someone going "The season five queens are the only ones who matter, Violet is a dumb bitch." You know what? She is. But I love her. And Alaska is overrated. And Roxxxy Andrews looks like a J-Lo impersonator outside of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. 

NE Wayz. Plenty of lists exist compiling alleged sexiest RuPaul's Drag Race queens out of drag, but I thought it would be fun for us to give it the Fleshbot Gay treatment. I will take into account the judges' input, but the final decision is mine to be made. Check out the Top Ten Sexiest Drag Race Stars Out Of Drag below and let me know if it is I who is the dumb bitch! Party.


10) Ben Delacreme, Season Six

The creme always rises to the top, and, on my face. If Ben Delacreme would just stop it with the Japanese anime hair, she'd be further up on this list. 

9) Bianca Del Rio, Season Eight

It doesn't take long to realize during her interviews that Bianca Del Rio is the closest thing to a daddy we'll get on Drag Race. Her dimples are just adorbs, and she had that sexy fatherly instinct in the workroom that makes you think that maybe, just maybe, she could top.

8) Sharon Needles, Season Four

Total artsy babe. Cleans up nicely.

7) Phi Phi O’Hara, Season Four

I know, fuck me, right? Phi Phi is really a piece of shit and actually not a victim of editing. However, you have to admit that she's hot, plus insecure assholes will do anything in bed. Bet you could even Phi Phi on her. 

6) Violet Chachki, Season Seven

Violet is usually too busy slaying the competition to show off her non-drag self, and a 3-inch waist doesn't really scream "masculine." However, she really is stunning, and she gets a 10/10 on face-giving.

5) Adore Delano, Season Six

Adore's looks have changed over time, but during her original season, all I could notice was that adorable head of hair, those DSL for days, and those super purdy eyes. Let's all say it together..... Party.

4) Max Malanaphy, Season Seven

Do you remember Max? Nope? Well, no one does. But underneath that grey hair, he can be super sexy.

3) Valentina, Season Nine

As we've suggested in the comments before here at Fleshbot Gay, just pretend that Valentina's beret-topped interviews are fever dreams. This guy is 100% fuckable in every way. Dayum!

2) Pearl, Season Seven

If apathetic stoners who marginally increase their enthusiasm over the course of a season are your thing, you're going to love Pearl! But really, Pearl has a sexy deep voice, an a-fucking-dorable face, and of course, THOSE leaked dick pics.

1) Milk, Season Six

Milk doesn't need another endorsement for his fuckability, but I'd be lying if I said he wasn't gorgeous. Milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner, fuck me.

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