Dylan O'Brien Delish, Shirtless In American Assassin Trailer

April 18, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Of COURSE professional dick-wetter Dylan O'Brien would be epically shirtless in his brand new trailer for American Assassin! Our commenter Mischa mentioned that I was letting down taints everywhere by not featuring O'Brien more here at Fleshbot Gay, but the problem is, this boy toy for days doesn't go shirtless much. A fully clothed hot guy is like a dildo that's less than ten inches long. I'm not feeling either of them.

The first trailer for American Assassin is indeed out, and Dylan O'Brien plays some hot guy who seeks revenge on terrorists for an attack that killed his fiancée. With a solid gold plot like this, you don't need to supplement your flick with man meat, but the folks behind Assassin went ahead and did it anyway!

O'Brien's hot bod and adorable face can be seen as he splashes around with some dumb bitch in the ocean. He's just about to propose, but then come the terrorists. While she gets gunned the fuck down, Dylan frantically stumbles around the beach as those around him drop like flies. And he does so... with... his sexy tuft of chest hair out and proud! We can also see a bearded O'Brien plotting revenge while shirtless. My current desktop background photo is that one of Nick Jonas flexing his muscles on the rings at the gym (natch) but I might just be switching over to a drenched O'Brien soon! Dayum.


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