Cazzo Club Honors Tim Kreuger's Dick With Its New Compilation

April 18, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Cazzo Club's newest special, "Tim Kreuger Special" showcases Tim's best sex scenes when he worked with the company

[WATCH: Tim Kreuger Special - Cazzo Club]

Carioca, Milan Gamiani, Darren Robins, Nicolas Torri, and Thierry Lamasse are some of the other names alongside Tim

Tim Kreuger. The man, the legend, the bepis. No myth, because he's a real person.

Yes, Tim Kreuger is a real person who looks damn good in a suit, I must say.

Though, these days Tim can kind of seem like a myth. His days of working for huge studios are behind him, and he now tends to his own production. Speaking of huge gay porn studio scenes...

My Favorite Scene of Tim Kreuger's? Hot House's "Wood Work: Scene 3" alongside Kyle King and Francesco D'Macho.

[WATCH: "Wood Work: Scene 3" - Hot House Studios]

But Cazzo Club hasn't forgotten about Tim! As a part of their anniversary (which I guess they're celebrating all year, they've compiled seven of Tim's best scenes from their vault.

Like this scene, where he starred with gorgeous British / European gay porn star, Carioca.

And they had sex on the rooftop, as Germans are wont to do, apparently.

From Cazzo Club:

Tim Kreuger combines boyish charm with manly-exterior: bright blue eyes, trendy beard, chest hair and a giant cock! The well hung top takes charge of many strong guys. With lots of fun he slams them so heartily when they need it.

Some other hot porn stars of the time, like Thierry Lamasse and Lucio Saints, also star.

And we can't forget the hot pig bottom Moran Stern!

Tim's eggplant showed no mercy on Moran's peach cheeks as they fucked in the kitchen.

Even though Tim Kreuger is still heavily involved with Tim Tales, maybe this is foreshadowing. MAYBE he's returning to mainstream gay porn? Even though Rogan Richards left mainstream porn to focus on his own site last year, Logan Mccree and Damien Crosse just returned after experimenting with their own sites. Dominic Pacifico just returned to gay porn too.

Let's all cross our fingers...

What is your favorite Tim Kreuger scene? Is it one of the seven in "Tim Kreuger Special"?


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