Remembering Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki Big Dick On Stage

April 17, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

The year, 2006. The penis, muppet nose-looking. You may not look at Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki and think "destroy my taint plz" but after getting an eyefull of his full frontal nudity from the play The Little Dog Laughed you'll be lubed up faster than you can say "Woof!" The pictures are making the rounds again on the Gay Internet so that those who still had dial up in 2006 can enjoy rapid downloads of this mesmerizing dick. Or just because the Gay Internet is thirsty AF 24/7 and doesn't really need an excuse to look at a penis!

The gay-centric Broadway play had Galecki getting frisky with another naked guy before some bitch walked in on them. Thirsty theater-goers noticed that Galecki's penis was girthtastic and definitely worth sharing with the world. Truth time: I don't watch Big Bang Theory because it seems as though it would be a terrible show, so I didn't know that Galecki has a super sexy tight body. It's toned for the Gods, and now that I know he's been packing a fat penis and some perfect balls, I'm all in. I didn't see this the first time around, and now I feel like the past 11 years have been a lie. Who else showed dick? Nick Jonas? Jon Hamm? Nick Jonas? Bradley Cooper? Nick Jonas?

Head to the gallery to see / relive the insanely sexy picture of Johnny Galecki nude in The Little Dog Laughed!

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