Bromo's Attempt at a Dungeon Porn Scene Is Kind Of Cute!

April 17, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Bromo's new dungeon is so well-lit, squeaky clean, and believable - there's even fake cum at the end!

[WATCH: "Cock Hungry: Scene 1" - Bromo]

Brick Norwood blindfolds and cuffs Dick Chayne, and then proceeds to have his way with him and all his holes.

Do you ever have those days where you're hungry, but for something slightly different, but not TOO different from what you're used to? It's like when you want lasagna, but your life needs some spice, so you try the spicy lasagna, or add some tobasco sauce to what you're already eating.

In's attempts to branch out from parody porn, but still stay within the means of what their users are used to, they're giving us something slightly different, but still the same. 

Their latest scene tries to go dungeon / bondage, but may be the most vanilla bondage porn scene you've ever seen.

From Bromo:

Dick Chayne has a very eager Brick Norwood tied up and blindfolded in his dungeon. Dick feeds Brick his massive uncut cock until he's ready to pound his hot ass raw, at which point he removes his blindfold and dives deep inside Brick. The rest is a kinky adventure you won't want to miss.

I know what you're thinking - and yes - it is kink porn for guys who don't eat ass, or who think that wearing a collar and calling someone daddy is kink.

I thought Next Door Ebony's attempt at dungeon porn was the worst ever, and this may have taken the cake!

[WATCH: Knockin Boots - Next Door Ebony]

Newbies Dick Chayne (did he just spell his name wrong?) and Brick Norwood ARE nice to look at though.

Both guys have great faces and lovely bodies, but barely any chemistry, and Dick doesn't seem used to having sex with men yet, though he may have been nervous...

And then, (Bromo wants us to believe that) Dick Cheyne came all over Brick Norwood, but...

Would ANYONE believe that was actual cum? Why even have cum at all, if this is what you resort to? The real spit on Dick's chin (that's a weird phrase) from Brick fucking his throat looks hot as heck - real is always better.

We reached peak gay porn last year, and it's looking like we may have reached peak fake cum shot in 2017.

2017 should be the year we let BDSM and dungeon porn makers stick to making the extreme porn.

What would you do if someone had you tied you up like Dick Cheyne? Would you love it like Brick Norwood, or would you hate it?


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