Two Bottoms Don't Make A Top, But This Bottom Played Top and This Top Played Bottom

April 14, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Brent Taylor bottoms for the first time, and Kyle Fortune bottoms for the first time at Badpuppy

[WATCH: Brent Taylor and Kyle Fortune - Badpuppy]

And now, both boys know the beauty of being versatile.

Some people out there have a saying "You've gotta try anything at least once". And while that saying is super cute, it's short-sighted. What if the first time was a fluke?

Think about the first time you got fucked.


Think about the SECOND time you got fucked.


It's good to try new things! And Brent Taylor and Kyle Fortune are halfway to trying a new thing twice. Brent had never topped before, and Kyle had never bottomed. So what did they do? 

Well if this was some sort of Naked Kombat video, they'd wrestle, and the loser would have to bottom. But this is Badpuppy, so they just switched - Brent fucked Kyle.

Although I bet you this is like the time when Badpuppy said Koby Lewis was a virgin, though he took Charley Cole's dick like a pro.

[WATCH: Charley Cole Fucks Koby Lewis - Badpuppy]

He threw it upside down, y'all. But that's none of my business.

From Badpuppy:

We find out in the interview that Brent Taylor has never topped, and Kyle Fortune has never bottomed, but for this scene, they are going to switch things up. Brent gets things started by standing up; pulling down his jeans demonstrating that just the conversation of the interview was enough to get his cock standing straight up.

After some heavy oral, Brent Taylor fucked Kyle Fortune in nearly all of the common positions!

They put a new meaning in "First Time For Everything" didn't they? 

They started in doggy...

Then they moved to reverse cowgurl (and cheered each other on, I guess).

Then they moved to missionary.

When all is said and done, Kyle was coated in cum. But you'll have to watch the video for yourself to see that.

Are you a top like Kyle Fortune, or a bottom like Brent Taylor? Have you ever switched it up?


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