“Taxes are hard. So am I.”

April 13, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Eddy Ceetee Gives Alex Mecum a break from his taxes in episode two of Titan Men's "TaXXX Action"

[WATCH: "TaXXX Action: Episode Two" - Eddy Ceetee and Alex Mecum think taxes are hard! - Titan Men]

Because honestly, if YOU had the choice between doing your taxes and doing Eddy Ceetee, which would you do?

And if you HAVEN'T done your taxes, you need to get on that soon. Tax day is quickly approaching - it's the 18th this year instead of the 15th. Alex Mecum was trying to get a head start on his taxes before the due date, but he realized just how hard breaking the tax code was.

Luckily Eddy Ceetee was hard too! But Alex knew just how to do him.

From Titan Men:

“These taxes are driving me crazy!” complains Alex Mecum as Eddy CeeTee rubs his shoulders. “Taxes are hard.” Responds Eddy: “So am I.” He swivels Alex around for a kiss, Alex wrapping his legs around the beefy bod. Eddy kisses Alex’s chiseled frame, a big smile spreading across his face as he lands on the jock’s sizable boner. 

Not only do these two get into some TaXXX action, they get into a little feet action as well!

First, Alex Mecum gives Eddy a fooj, but then Eddy returns the favor, tickling Alex's feet with his tongue as they fuck in missionary.

After some missionary, they did it doggy, giving us the perfect view of Eddy's thick legs and butt.

What a beautiful sight to see as they ram into Alex's ass - that ass is just as hard as Alex's taxes!

Then both boys shoot their loads all over Alex.

Eddy shoots so far that it lands perfectly in Alex's mouth!

Now that's one way to get rid of the frustration of doing taxes!

Which would YOU rather do? Your taxes, have some sexy fun?


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