Oh Yeah It's Dylan Minnette's Shower Scene In 13 Reasons Why

April 11, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Dylan Minnette
 is a PIECE and a fucking half, and as of right now he's actually the most searched celebrity on IMDB. Could it possibly be because he takes a sexy shower in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, and also because this happens to be the first time we've gotten to check out a legal Minnette shirtless? Considering that "shower" is the first suggestion that comes up when you Google Image search "Dylan Minnette," the answer is probably definitely yes. God bless the thirsty ass Internet. 

You may know the 20-year-old from a handful of different projects, but I first wanted to git all up in there in 2016's horror flick Don't Breathe. I have to make sure a guy still looks cute when he's scared for his life. JK! If you saw Minnette in anything before 13 Reasons Why you already know that he's all about the gorgeous blue eyes, flawless skin of the Gods, and this thick ass head of hair.

13 Reasons Why is the series that Netflix has been face fucking you with every time you head to their home screen. The plot follows a teen girl who kills herself, but not before sending tapes to various people in her life explaining how they ultimately affected her untimely death. Attention much? Dylan Minnette's character Alex is all sorts of torn up, and in one scene he cries in the shower. I also need to make sure a guy looks cute when he cries, so this was a big win for me. Minnette has the tightest little bod featuring a sexy tuft as chest fuzz. Hopefully someday soon we'll see if he's 13 Inches Why!  

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