The Pics Are In: Jamie Dornan Nude In Fifty Shades Darker

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Jamie Dornan
is the star of Fifty Shades Darker - you know, that movie created to help middle-aged women ovulate out those last few eggs - and the nude stills are finally here! In the first movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, Dornan's character Christian Grey writes up a contract outlining the BDSM shenanigans he'll get into with Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson. Well, this time around Steele is the one in charge, and judging from these pictures, she likes to draw those plastic surgery marks on Grey's body with red marker. Ok wet.

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In the first movie, Jamie Dornan showed off his plump ass as well as his manly pubes and dick root. This time around we get some more great looks at his butt (which sadly appears to be more sculpted than before) as well some serious V lines as the camera cuts off just above his pubage. Dornan is one of the sexiest things in Hollywood right now, and let's just hope that this critical bomb either A) Doesn't hurt his career so he can keep getting projects that show off his flawless body or B) Destroys his career to the point where he's having a dick measuring contest with Randy at Sean Cody. A thirsty bitch can dream!

2018's Fifty Shades Freed is already in post-production, and since there are no eggs or fucks left, it's hard to say if Dornan will have any incentive to show his penis. Until then, head to the gallery to see some of the best pubes of the decade, as well as all the Jamie Dornan nudity you can handle. Your dick will be Fifty Shades Darker, RITE. Ugh nopes.


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