Icon Male's Latest Love Porn / Gay Porn For Women Scene Comes Out

April 11, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Their latest scene is also one of their "Daddy / Son" taboo scenes that they have come to be known for

[WATCH: "Confessions" - Icon Male]

This latest scene features daddy Rodney Steele with his boy toy Jackson Cooper

It's good to have a thing. And that goes double for gay porn. While some sites tend to cater to the middle, many out there know their niche, and fill it well. Case in point: Men.com is known as the purveyors of parody porn, and they're doing some "end of the world" parody right now.

[WATCH: "Last Day On Earth" Scene 3 - Men.com]

Icon Male's schtick? A combo of love-y dovey porn and daddy/son relationships. 

While some even deviate from their niche ever so often (Men.com has moved away from parody gay porn, and into the amateur gay porn niche, barely calling in their last few scenes) Icon Male is staying on track - they're even using some of the same actors they continue to use!

Long-time daddy Rodney Steele (who was just on Icon Male with Brogan Reed) stars with Jackson Cooper in their latest scene, "Confessions".

From Icon Male:

Jackson Cooper confronts ex-lover Rodney Steele, as to why he suddenly dropped him. Rodney explains how strongly he felt about Jackson and he couldn't handle it. He admits to being a coward and he regrets it every single day. Jackson is shocked yet turned on by his confession. Passion rekindles when Rodney kisses him the two fall into the hottest wildest make up sex.

Of course, it's got all the elements of your classic porn - Oral, kissing, and rimming - there's even some penetration!

And of course, as most porn scenes are wont to end, Rodney cums all over Jackson's chest after fucking him lovingly.

While I know it's good to stick to your lane, I know I can't be the only one growing tired of Icon Male's typical "Older Daddy and boy toy son have a conflict, and then fuck lovingly to beautiful piano music" schtick. I'd love to see them broaden their horizons, and maybe try something new.

What do you think of Icon Male's Daddy/Son / Love Porn scenes? Totally Hot, or not for you?


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