Meet Adorbs Jacob And His Dick, A Different Type Of Redhead

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In the words of Jonny McGovern, "Every boner is a blessing," and today we are truly blessed with a rock hard cock from a Mr. Jacob, 23. Much like our other amateur app users, Jacob is quite the romantic and among other pleasantries states (while maniacally looking into the camera and showing off his squeezable ass) "Want to lick your pussy x." Um, I think you mean my butthole, and yes, go to fucking town. 

Jacob's cock head is about as red as can be and looks like it's positively bursting with flavor. I also lust a guy with super hooded eyes, a thick ass head of hair, beefy lil' bod, and can we just go back to that ass that literally needs to be squeezed? Nice to meet you, Jacob! 

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