Niall Horan Hairy Shirtless Selfie Proves He's Fuckable

April 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Niall Horan has a lot of catching up to do if he's going to flood our floorboards like his fellow former One Directioner Just Zayn, but this shirtless selfie is a good start! The 23-year-old blonde cutie has pretty much always been an ok-yes-I-would-penetrate-it-because-maybe-I-could-get-an-autographed-T-shirt-and-sell-it-on-eBay kind of way, but this Snapchat pic is making Horan look all kinds of fuckable. As if the legit man scruff and sexy tussled hair aren't enough, Horan sports hot chest fuzz and even furry nips. Maybe he's a top after all!



Me and the boy ! Top lad . No idea why my sunglasses are on my shirt . @shawnmendes

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Happy birthday @louist91 . Love you mate .

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663 million people worldwide live without access to clean water . #w4water @drop4drop

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Just Zayne has done an excellent job of flaunting his breathtaking face and fuckkkkable body (and lez be real, fuckable face as well), but the other One Direction members didn't really get the memo. One look through Horan's Instagram will tell you that he's a fan of shirts. And not just any shirts. Short sleeve shirts over long sleeve shirts. Good luck fishing your dick out of your body after seeing that. 

Hora DID wow us when he went on James Corden's show A League of Their Own to show off his plump as hell ass, so we know he has the potential to lay down the thirst trap. Butt, chest, face... only one thing we're missing, Horan. Your fat uncut dick. Do you want to jizz all over Horan's chest hair, or is Just Zayne the only man for you? Or I guess, do you like Harry Styles? 

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