Cameron Dallas Lays Down All The Thirst Trap On Instagram

April 7, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

YouTube star Cameron Dallas' sex appeal knows no bounds, and if you need any proof, just check out his delish toned bod on Instagram! And, if that face looks like something that you would like to cream with your cum cannon, you can continue the fantasy with his milky jizz face in a post where he pimps out X Out soap. Clean & Clear and under control and looking like jizz.


Washing my faceeeeee @Xout

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You'd think that after giving up the goods (you can see Cameron Dallas' leaked dick pics HERE and his ass from the Netflix series Chasing Cameron HERE), we'd have little use for anything involving clothes on Dallas. Well, that wasn't the case for Kim Kardashian, and it's certainly not going to be the case for Dallas! The 22-year-old has made a living out of getting dicks wet through his social media accounts, and this beach vaca picture is no exception. The cutie and a half has been working out in all the right ways, and what we get is a v cut for days, twinky six pack, and oh, what's that? A little grade-A upper-thigh meat!

Dallas finishes off his look with blonde wisps of belly fuzz that trickles down into a boner fide happy trail, as well as some yummers upper-thigh fuzz covering said grade-A meat. I KNOW some of you bitches will never find this guy appealing, but maybe deep down you're at least getting a tingling in one of your balls. Head to the gallery to see some of Cameron Dallas' other sex-ay Instagram pictures. I leave you with.... MORE X Out jizz cream! YOOOO.


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