Robin Moore Blows Off Work...To Blow Joey Mills

April 7, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Not only does Robin blow Joey, the two twinks have some heavy flip-flop fucking

[WATCH: "Blowing off Work" - Helix Studios]

Watch the twinks play hooky at Helix Studios

Don't act like you haven't done it, or at least thought about it - playing hooky.

Even if you haven't done it physically, we've all taken breaks from our jobs, and called it in when we should have been working. Robin Moore did the same thing, except his hooky session resulted in sex.

From Helix Studios:

Strollin' the boulevard, giant dicked Joey Mills and beautiful blonde Robin Moore chat about their first jobs while doing some heavy flirting. Joey gets Robin to call out of work and promises him a BIG surprise if he does! The pretty boy is always able to get what he wants. Soon enough the duo are doin' the deed and Robin is definitely in for a REALLY BIG surprise!

Talk about making promises you CAN keep!

Once the hooky session was on, and the boys got back to their place, they start out with some hot tongue action.

The camera loves Robin, doesn't it?

There's also...belly button kissing?

Does this make anyone else uncomfortable? What if there's lint in there? What if he's ticklish? Is he getting it wet so he can stick something in there? Stick to the normal erogenous zones!

Once normal oral resumed, Joey pulled his legs all the way back, and Robin fucked him nice and deep missionary style.

Then of course, Robin hopped on Joey's dick and got the thing he called into work sick for - some dick!

Have you every played hooky? Did you have sex on your day off like Robin Moore?


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