Dominic Pacifico Is Back and Better Than Ever!

April 6, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

In His Latest Scene, Dominic Pacifico Worships His Body In The Mirror and Jacks Off, cumming on his underwear at Badpuppy!

[WATCH: Dominic Pacifico - Badpuppy]

Admiring Dominic Pacifico admire himself is like Pacificoception - do you dig it?

I know I can't be the only one excited that Dominic Pacifico is making a return to gay porn. I met the DJ / pornstar (Who ironically, yet unironically goes by the name DJ Pornstar) back in 2014 as he was DJing at a gay bar in town. At that point, he was transitioning away from porn, and more into DJing. We met as he was finishing his meet-n-greet, then we hung out at the club - he signed a hat and a pair of Andrew Christian briefs, we did shots, I hung out in VIP, and we had a great time. 

It's always great when they're as nice as their online personas, as many are just dicks. 

He was never a prolific performer, but he was always a great one, and his scenes were always top-notch.

In fact, his scene with Rafael Carreras is still one of my favorites.

[WATCH: Lovers Rafael Carreras and Dominic Pacifico Have Passionate Sex - Lucas Entertainment]

And now, he's making a return to porn, and he's more tan, more muscular, and generally better than ever!

Dominic Pacifico was most recently in Naked Sword Originals' "Ultra Fan: Episode Three" alongside Brent Corrigan and Dorian Ferro.

[WATCH: "Ultra Fan: Episode Three" - Naked Sword Originals]

And now, we see Dominic admire himself (and those aforementioned muscles) in the mirror at Badpuppy!

From Badpuppy:

DJ Porn Star Dominic Pacifico makes a special solo appearance fresh off his trip to Israel where he spent some time working and playing on the beach. Dominic begins by posing, flexing and rubbing every inch of his tanned and toned body; his cock getting rock hard in the skintight underwear he's wearing. It's not long before he releases his thick, uncut dick finds its way out of the top of the shorts and soon the underwear is coming off.

When the underwear DO come off, they reveal his HUGE uncut cock.

Is the cock much bigger than anyone else remembers, or do I just have a terrible memory?

 Those underwear also reveal his HUGE muscle ass.

And if anyone loves Dominic's ass more than you, it's Dominic himself.

One thing about Dominic was that he was extremely versatile. He can bottom as well as he tops. Watching him play with his hole is a site for sore eyes.

The best part? Dominic cums ALL over those underwear of his.

One thing porn stars do more than retire is un-retire. And Dominic is a site for sore eyes. Not to mention, with Tex Davidson retiring soon, we'll have (newly big and strong) Dominic to fill the void in our hearts. 

Who do you most want to see Dominic Pacifico fuck next?


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