Another Stupid Beautiful Model Kieran Warner And His Ass

April 5, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

In able to be a male model, or at least one that catches our doting gaze here at Fleshbot Gay, you pretty much need to have a gorgeous head a dark brown locks, sexy toned bod, CUT face, dick sucking lips up to here, and, let's say it all together, eyefuckingbrow! Yes, this is a coveted although not too rare breed of model that basically looks like Dave Franco after being run through a magical Instagram filter. Well, in steps Kieran Warner, who fits the bill in a major way, and knows the drill because in one of his Instagram pictures you can see his ass!



A post shared by Kieran Warner (@kieranwarner_) on



A post shared by Kieran Warner (@kieranwarner_) on



A post shared by Kieran Warner (@kieranwarner_) on


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Kieran Warner is repped by D1 Models and while he delivers high fashion realness on their site, his Instagram is all about those Guys With iPhones-y shirtless selfies that make the Internet go 'round. With gigs with Armini, Asos, Unrecognizable Brands, and the always on point Coitus Magazine, Warner seems legit, and it's hard to imagine anyone would say "No, I don't want you on my runway. You're gross." I'd be more like "How bad do you want it?"

Thanks to detailed modeling stats we know that Warner has a shoe size of 8.5. In 90's middle school terms that means he has a tiny weenie, but his 6' 1" height messes with those diagnostics. Thankfully middle schoolers are not doctors. But they are assholes. OKEY MY POINT is that honestly, with this face, Warner could have an innie and I'd still fuck him every which way! Check out his hottest pictures in the gallery.

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