In Falcon Studio's Wasteland, Hardcore Fucking Is The Only Currency

April 5, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

"Wasteland" stars heavy hitters like Sean Duran, Bruce Beckham, and newbies like Talon Reed and Myles Landon

[WATCH: "Wasteland" - NakedSword (via Raging Stallion Studios)]

We may be living in Trump's America, but Raging Stallion is living "Not too far in the future" after the apocalypse.

Is big gay porn trying to tell us something? Does it know something we don't? Is the world ending?'s newest series "Last Day On Earth" features Jordan Levine fucking to his gay heart's content before the world comes to an end.

[WATCH: "Last Day On Earth: Scene 3" -]

And now, Raging Stallion's newest movie, "Wasteland", tells the story of life after the apocalypse, and it looks super gay! It also features Rafael Lords getting fucked twice!

Once by Muscle face-tattooed god Sean Duran...

...and then again my swarthy hottie Ryan Cruz.

From Raging Stallion Studios:

Not too far in the future, the continent becomes a barren hellscape, a 'Wasteland', where the only valid currencies are food, water, shelter, and hardcore fucking. From the mind of director Steve Cruz, 'Wasteland' is the story of the rough, ruthless survivors who wield their big muscles and big dicks to stay on top of the food chain.


The film also features ever-gorgeous Bruce Beckham and Bruno Bernal...

Jesus be alliteration!

And Myles Landon and Talon Reed.

But you already knew that.

I know it's supposed to be "Post-Apocalyptic," and porn budgets are scarce, but why on earth are they all wearing gym compression sleeves on their arms/elbows? This is even weirder than Trenton Ducati's directorial debut "Greasers", where he made everyone wear white socks (but not, he himself).

[WATCH: Greasers - Naked Sword Originals]

Will we all wear compression sleeves on our arms to fuck after the apocalypse?

Will you be watching Raging Stallion's "Wasteland"?


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