ICYMI: Actually See Tyler Posey Get His Ass Waxed

April 4, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


At first, this video of Tyler Posey getting his ass waxed for the SiriusXM talk show the Jason Ellis Show might seem shameless and desperate, but just remember that Tyler Posey is dating Bella Thorne. She's the one who got her eyebrows tattooed on Snapchat, so together they've got the body hair sitch covered. And they will do literally anything.

Posey is that sexy ass Teen Wolf piece who had the hottest of all the leaked dick videos a couple months ago. While we'd RATHER a round two jack off sesh from the creamboat, it's pretty hot seeing his tight 'lil ass again, and I'm not hating the wrestling clip either!

If you have SiriusXM radio then maybe you can fill us in on what the hell goes on with the Jason Ellis Show. I assume all straight talk shows are some variation of Dingo and the Baby from Family Guy, so let's just use that as a default. Posey not only gets his ass waxed, but he also suffers some lashes from a dominatrix, gets his pits waxed (nooooo!), and wrestles one lucky fucking dude. Thanks, Internet!





H/T: Instinct

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