"Fuck Me Like There's No Tomorrow"

April 4, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Jordan Levine Continues to fuck away his last days on Earth in Men.com's "Last Day On Earth"

[WATCH: "Last Day On Earth: Part Three" - Str8 To Gay]

Luke Adams is the latest (and possibly LAST) of his conquests

It's the end of the world, and Jordan Levine is living out his last days. Many of us may spend those days getting out affairs in order, but not Jordan - he's spent them fucking every boy he could find, and getting those gay desires out of his head before he DIES.

In "Last Day On Earth Part Two", Jordan got it on with Vadim Black.

[WATCH: "End Of The World: Part Two" - Str8 To Gay]

But in Part Three, Jordan gets it on with cute muscle bottom Luke Adams.

By the way does anyone think that with his beard, Luke Adams favors now-retired porn star Parker Perry, or is it just me?

Since this may be their last day on earth, and their last time to fuck, both Jordan and Luke give it their all! 

First, the boys swap oral - but not just any oral. Luke lets Jordan eat him out in the splits! It must be great to be that flexible.

But sure enough, Luke pays Jordan Back with a nice blowjob to get him wet before a pounding.

Unfortunately he didn't do it in the splits, but his legs were probably tired.

As Jordan fucks Luke, they share one last kiss.

This is turning out to be so much sader than everyone anticipated.

After they finish, Jordan sprays (what may be his last) cumshot over Luke's face.

Now, Jordan Levine still hasn't told his wife he's been fucking dudes for the last few days. But she went to go be with her family, so does she even really deserve to know? And with this being the last day before the end of the world, will Jordan even get the chance to? I guess time (and Part Four) will tell...

How would you spend your last days on earth? Would You fuck them away like Jordan Levine, or do less "fun" things?


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